Mark Farid

Sophie le Roux

3D Prints:
Vicente Gasco

Graphic Design:
Kia Tasbihgou

Back-end dev:
Richard Ellis

Front-end dev:
Marc Gunnarsson
Joseph Pleass

# Website hacked. Data being re-uploaded #

To coincide with the final reading of the Investigatory Power Bill (Oct 2016), Poisonous Antidote was an online and physical exhibition exploring just how intimately you are able to comprehend a person - their humour, temperament and rationale - through only their digital footprint.

From the 1st - 30th September 2016, this website was a live newsfeed of artist Mark Farid’s realtime digital footprint. This included all of his personal and professional emails, text messages, phone calls, Facebook Messenger, web browsing, locations, Twitter and Instagram posts, as well as any photographs or videos Mark captured. Regardless of the time, duration, or intimacy of the content Mark amassed, there was no restriction on the content publicised.

Completed in September 2017, film-maker Sophie le Roux collated and assembled the relevant information from Mark’s digital footprint to make the Poisonous Antidote film

Poisonous Antidote was commissioned by Gazelli Art House, and in partnership with CPH:LAB.